Sep 162014
Viewers scrutinise the 2014 exhibition on display at the Boat Cafe.
           Viewers scrutinise the exhibition on display at the Boat Cafe.

THIRTEEN years have passed but most people still remember where they were and what they were doing when news broke of the 9/11 terror attacks.

NZ for 9/11 Truth rejects the official explanation for the disaster which saw four American airliners hijacked and flown into landmarks in Washington DC and New York.

The tragedy resulted in 2996 deaths.

The ‘9/11 See the Evidence’ exhibition was staged in Wellington at the weekend and attracted hundreds of people.

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  2 Responses to “Newswire: Putting the 9/11 tragedy under the microscope”

  1. Thanks to Phillip for getting all the points across in this great article. And thanks to Yc Lee for writing and coming along to the exhibition. Wonderful images of the exhibition included in this article. Please comment at Newswire and give YC some thanks for writing.

  2. Thanks, Yc for giving some welcome oxygen to a subject which, so far as the corporate media are concerned, is the Elephant In The Room. The more powerful the evidence against the official fairy tale, the more derisively contemptuous become the mainstream media. To my knowledge, not a single journalist has been prepared (or more likely, allowed) to engage in a discussion of the evidence against the official account. Far from being the bastion of democracy, the Fourth Estate is deeply complicit in the coverup of the greatest crime of this century, with ongoing consequences for the political freedom of all of us – not to mention the millions of innocent people killed as a result of the false flag that was 911. Our main hope lies with young people like Yc. Well done!