Sep 142011


When Vinny Eastwood, host of the Vinny Eastwood show on American Freedom radio tried to exercise his right to freedom of speech on the streets of Auckland on the 11th of September he was confronted with a brand spanking new by law: No sharing of information on the public streets of Auckland. No pamphlets, no DVD’s and above all no bullhorn. If you do so you will be subject tp prosecution and confiscation of these materials. This is the result of the brand spanking new anti terrorist laws pushed through under urgency by National. How’s that change feeling?

  3 Responses to “No More Free Speech in New Zealand?”

  1. NZ blowback directly from the ” War on Error ” …Investigate 911 .

    Freedom has never been free !

  2. This guy is probably a Labour or National party fanatic. It is not insulting to talk about the first responders being shafted. As for “how do you sleep at night”, well, I’m sure Vinny sleeps a lot better than the family members of dying first responders. This footage shows how low some people can sink. So, assaulting/shoving someone in the street is okay, but yelling out information is not? I’d like to see this fluoride-head attack a cop and attempt to justify it. You can’t just say “oh, you provoked me”. Assault is assault, and this loser has no respect for anything, just like the rest of Generation Airhead.