Jun 242012

by travellerev

Urban crowd control and Depleted Uranium. My haven’t we grown up!

Just three days after signing an “unbinding” Military treaty with the US!

Training in California to kill brown people with another religion with Depleted Uranium which is standard issue for the US marines. How does that feel all you nuclear free “non racist” Kiwi’s?

The Americans have released dramatic photos of New Zealand soldiers training with the US Marines to fight in Middle Eastern environments today.

New Zealand Army soldiers, training with American weapons and not their standard issue equipment, have been training at a Marine’s Combat Centre in California.
Training with the Marine’s 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion, the New Zealanders according to the photo captions patrolled through the Combat Centre’s Range 220 Combined Arms Military Operations on Urban Terrain facility,

“The warriors of the two nations practiced urban patrolling, crowd control and other counter-insurgency principles,” the captions say.

The official Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command/Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center bills itself as “home to hundreds of square miles of combat simulation, whizzing rounds, shattering explosions and pure, unadulterated motivation.”