Oct 032011

  3 Responses to “Obama Admin Refuses To Offer ANY Proof Anwar Al Awlaki Was Involved In Terrorist Activity”

  1. Anwar Awlaqi Most Likely Alive

    Yemen Post Staff

    More than 25 leaders from the Awaliq tribe, the tribe of Anwar Awlaqi, reached Jawf on Sunday to see the remains of the body of Anwar, however, no body resembling his was found.

    Amongst those who went to the province was his father, a former minister and university dean.

    Tribal leaders in Jawf told the family that Awlaqi was not killed in the attack.

    Tribes in the province say there is no proof that Awlaqi was amongst the killed and DNA tests on the remains of the five killed can prove that.

    An al-Qaeda senior leader also denied the claims that Awlaqi was killed and said that he will soon come out with a statement to prove that.

    The Awaliq tribe has not officially announced the death of their fellow tribesman, Anwar.

    Yemen and US announced that Awalqi was the prime target in the US drone attack last Friday.


  2. Off topic but …

    Israel’s Mellanox to Drive Windows Server 8
    Israel’s Mellanox Technologies Ltd. announced Monday it would be providing core components for US software giant Microsoft’s Windows Server 8 operating system.
    According to Globes, Mellanox’s InfiniBand and Ethernet convergence products will drive the system by providing accelerated networking, storage, database, virtualization and clustering applications. Microsoft confirmed the report.
    “We are pleased to work with Microsoft to deliver our InfiniBand and Ethernet drivers with Microsoft Windows Server 8 and to enable end-users to leverage the performance benefits from our efficient network interconnects right out of the box The Windows drivers unleash the performance capabilities of our networking solutions and have been extensively tested and optimized to remove bottlenecks to improve application efficiency in converged, clustered and virtualized environments,” Mellanox VP marketing David Barzilai told reporters.
    Mellanox’s share price rose 0.9% in premarket trading on Nasdaq today to $31.50, giving a market cap of $1.12 billion, and rose 0.8% by mid-afternoon on the TASE to NIS 119.70.

    Just two weeks ago Oracle invested an additional $11 million in Mellanox bringing its share in the company to 9.7%.


    “Why not just hand Israel the keys to all your corporate communications and have done with it!”


  3. Anwar Al Awlaki Killed in US Airstrike in Yemen Dec 2009

    So either the claim that Awlaki was killed last week is a lie or the claim he was killed in 2009 was a lie (possibly both), or … Al Qaeda are all ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! 🙂