Oct 062012

It was quite the afternoon on Cuba Mall. The weather forecast was a bit iffy, but we ended up with a bright, sunny afternoon with enough of a breeze to put a bit of billow in our banner.

The unfortunately true equation
The unfortunately true equation

We also had our usual AE911Truth banner, and a long vertical banner that provoked quite a few conversations.

9/11 and its evil spawn
Our banner showing 9/11 and its evil spawn

There were seven of us out today, with our usual wide age span. Our conservative estimate of DVDs distributed today is 280. Our presence, with a larger group and more provocative signage may have elicited a greater than usual number of hostile reactions, or perhaps people are feeling edgier with the current political climate in New Zealand and overseas. That said, we also felt that we had some of the best conversations we have had during our actions. People do seem to relate the widespread wars of aggression in the Middle East with 9/11.

I personally had the greatest number of “Why are you doing this?” questions I’ve ever had. I stressed the importance of 9/11 as a gateway issue for many activists, including myself. The horrific and audacious nature of 9/11 was enough to get many of us out of our comfortable homes and into the streets with signs, DVDs and flyers.

We strive to develop a critical mass of people who are more politically aware in general, but who are specifically more attuned to the nature and power of false flag events. When the next 9/11 happens, we need enough people who will immediately recognise the signature of a false flag event, and will take action to prevent New Zealand from becoming embroiled in another Afghanistan or Iraq. We stress that it only takes a small number of people with this awareness, so long as they all stand up on their hind legs and fight back in whatever way is necessary. In this case, knowledge truly is power.

On the eve of the 11th anniversary of the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, we were sadly the only peace activists on Cuba Mall.

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  8 Responses to “October 6, 2012 Wellington – Cuba Mall”

  1. “Why are you doing this?” because there is no “statute of limitation” on mass murder .
    Great job, to all .

  2. Thanks, Mick. I’ll remember that one for next time. 🙂

  3. This article high lights the September the 11th. 2001 “mind set” …

    ” Diss Information: Is There a Way to Stop Popular Falsehoods from Morphing into “Facts”?

    False information is pervasive and difficult to eradicate, but scientists are developing new strategies such as “de-biasing,” a method that focuses on facts, to help spread the truth”


    • Mick, we haven’t met, and I mean no disrespect to you by my comments. In fact, I don’t know exactly what your take on the Scientific American article actually is. In my view, it is disinfo right out of the Cass Sunstein playbook . It quotes unnamed authorities as authorities, and comes down on the side of using propaganda instead of facts to try to win people over to the Establishment viewpoint. In fact, it discourages people from contesting facts, seemingly out of fear of actual facts. My response is #49 after the article. I didn’t flesh out any of my points, but I mainly wanted people to look at the information about Propaganda Minister Sunstein.

      Thanks for your support!

  4. I think you are right about ‘the climate’. Interchanges on forum are becoming more pointed as well. But ‘gateway’ response a good one. It keeps focus and honesty. That 911 is the door/conduit we were ALL ‘perceptionally managed’ through to allow the unthinkable. Unilateral illegal war, torture, NDAA assassinations, Patriot ACT, invasions of two?three?four….how many countries did General Clarke have on the list? 7 countries plus collateral troop movements in a global hegemony. Iran. 911 was the False Flag moment allowing it all. Our country now feeling the sting of neocon control. TPP. SIS. Talk of US deployment in-country etc etc etc.our Prime Minister an international money trader. Joyce the prototype ideologue.
    John Kennedy jnr said, “Time is the enemy of Truth”. as time moves, the assembled counter-OCT-narrative evidence stream still unable to crack the code of official control, emboldens negative action on the street and in the forum toward 911 activism. Hats off to all involved in Welly.

  5. I spoke with a few very interesting people from Argentina, Italy, Pakistan, Ireland and a woman from the Middle East.
    The teacher from Pakistan told me that most people in Pakistan, including Imran Khan, the possible next president know that 9/11 was an inside job. The Muslim woman was overjoyed when she realised that we did not blame the Muslims for the 9/11 attacks. The man from Italy was very interested in our vertical banner and spent some time reading the messages. He agreed with what we were doing. The woman from Ireland gave me a small donation as she was impressed with our street action. I gave the donation to the two young boys who were playing beautiful classical music on their violins. All in all a very worthwhile afternoon.

  6. 9/11 Truth is the real deal. Pretty much everything else has either sold out or compromised, or put itself at risk of sabotage.

    • I’m afraid that 9/11 Truth has taken a beating thanks to infiltration of various types. Look on Kevin Barrett’s radio site and search for Jim Fetzer or ” Vancouver 9/11 Hearings” on Oct 1. Uncle Fezter let Alfred Webre act as judge, and he tried to sabotage the whole thing with some of the most outrageous extraterrestrial time travel stories I’ve heard outside of science fiction. The last half of that radio show tells the sad story.

      We try to stick to “just the facts, Ma’am”, using the work of AE911Truth as our guide. After all, we are out to reveal the falsity of the Official Conspiracy Theory, not create a new CT of our own. 😉 That way, we can always say, “we’re not the conspiracy theorists, governments and mainstream media are.”