Sep 122012

On 50 Kinds Of Cancer And Why We Can Never Give Up On Finding The Truth About 911
by travellerev 12 September 2012

A remark I often hear about my “obsessions” is why still go on about it. It happened so long ago!

Well here is a good reason to keep on at it: eleven years later 50 forms of cancer have been added to the list of diseases the first responders can get compensation for. Just imagine for 70.000 men and women 911 never stopped with many of them having died as the result of the toxins they breathed in on that fateful day and in the days after.

What is really worrying and perplexing is that in some of the long tissue of first responders Nano Thermite residue has been found.

Every day since then has been a battle for them. Not against the terrorists but against their own government. Now why is that I wonder?

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