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After a year of rapid fire false flags, this comment by Michael wells, oped news, 2009 seems important/relevant.



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Reply to Michael Morrissey:   New Content
Musings . . .:

Since I am the author of the above quoted question, it seems appropriate that I attempt to reply to your answer and your OpEdNews post here.
In answer to the above you wrote: “My answer is that I think the question of how the explosives got into the building can be protracted and distracted and confused long enough to keep the govt out of trouble. This is qualitatively different if we are talking about planes other than unmodified 757s and 767s on 9/11, for example. Can you imagine an article like Ryan’s pointing to dozens of possible suspects who might have “substituted” the planes (or faked the crashes)?”
Well, to be the Devils advocate for a moment, why not? If, as you point out in “9/11 Aletheia,” one can ascribe WTC demolition to a US “elite” (and thus, in some fashion, spare finger pointing at the US Government and military), why couldn’t the same be done regarding aircraft? For me there is no clear division between an “elite” and their control of our government, military and intelligence, counterintelligence and covert operations. What’s the difference that makes a difference here?
Taking that Devilish hat off, let me say that in the main I’m in complete agreement with you. This statement from “9/11 Aletheia” sealed it for me:
“It is evident, simply from the unanswered questions, that 9/11 was an inside job. It is equally evident that the government is not going to indict itself. It is also evident, to me at least, that they want us to know they did it (MITOP) [Made It Transparent On Purpose]. That is the only explanation for the obvious bungling of what could have been an undetectable false-flag operation. One can imagine a million ways a “terrorist” attack could have been feigned and blamed on a designated enemy, with no questions asked. I don’t believe in “stupidity theory.” Somebody made a conscious decision to do it this way, to “shock and awe” us into acceptance and resignation.”
As someone who knew that 9/11 was something other than what it was presented as being from the first moment I heard about it and as someone who was anticipating this kind of move by the “elite,” “secret government,” “new world order,” “MIC,” “national security state,” — whatever you want to call it — based on my life-long observation of domestic and foreign policy trends — I couldn’t agree with you more. It was treason and mass murder conducted openly and transparently in broad daylight for all who had eyes to see. A full-blown media “shock and awe” spectacle with the true targets being not the WTC or the Pentagon or some abandoned strip-mine in Pennsylvania, but the hearts and minds of the American people and, by extension, those of the wider world beyond. The intent was that of establishing an historical ‘public myth’ or ‘public presumption’ which could be used to radically alter domestic and foreign policy. Indeed, steel sky scrapers do not fall straight down at a rate of 10+ floors per second turning their contents into powder while ejecting naked, burning steel beams as they do so and leaving pools of molten metal in their wake — for any reason other than demolition. Errant aircraft do not plow into the Pentagon for any reason unless they are allowed to do so. Presidents, accompanied by a full Secret Service security detail, do not sit on camera in publicly disclosed locations in front of a second-grade classroom full of remedial readers for 20+ minutes while “America is under attack” by terrorists using hijacked airliners as WMD for any reason unless they are instructed to do so. The entire murderous and traitorous scenario was, and remains, preposterous on its face.
And yet it was done and gotten away with. From that date I began asking the question, “What is more terrifying to you, the prospect that America is vulnerable to attack by Islamic or other terrorists or the thought that something of this nature could be orchestrated and pulled off from within the national security aparatus itself?” For most this latter proposition is so terrifying it simply falls outside the realm of possibility and stretches credulity to the breaking point, regardless of what evidence to the contrary is put forward or by whom. To most it is unthinkable and precisely because it calls into question not only the 9/11 narrative but the entire social fabric of which our secondhand sense of identity is woven. Never mind that the social fabric is woven of ‘public myths’; never mind that our sense of self spun from it is equally ‘mythical’ (contrived, conditioned and programmed). Never mind that deception is not only the rule, it is how we are ruled. Never mind that this state of delusion is preferable to being an awake, aware, conscious individual, truly responsible for his decisions and actions in the world and their inevitable consequences.
In my opinion, the real “tar baby” is the suggestibility of the human mind and fearfulness of the human spirit. We have been conditioned to accept pronouncements from authority figures or, alternately, to rebel against them — all within mediated and pre-established limits. But what we’ve not been conditioned to do is the one thing we must do and that is to discover from within ourselves what the truth of our human predicament actually is. For that we cannot turn solely to “authorities” of any stripe but must repeatedly endeavour to uncover more basic and fundamental truths within the self.
It is this, our human predicament and conditioned suggestibility, that made 9/11 not only possible but inevitable. It is this which keeps even those who profess to be seeking the truth to find themselves at odds with those who they should recognize as compatriots in this struggle.
With 9/11 we have reached an historical event horizon over which the full-on nightmare of a global technological tyranny is rising like a blood-red moon and fully visible to any who dare to look. Few will for fear of being driven mad or, perhaps worse, being thought as such for having bothered. Far better to pretend it isn’t happening or, if it is, it is necessary, perhaps even preferable, and in any case inevitable. Who cares if future generations will live out their lives as oblivious to their true predicament as we have been to our own? What matters is that all of this ranting and raving remain the ineffectual discourse it has always been while those who have neither morality nor conscious continue their reign over the mostly willingly somnambulant masses.
We hear it said that the truth shall set us free — and indeed, it can. But truth is as rare as moments of bliss and neither can be granted by symbolic systems alone, no matter how well or ill conceived. Absent a corresponding awakening of intelligence, sensitivity and insight within the self, there can be no truth, no freedom, nor beauty, love or enlightenment of any kind. It is this, apparently, that men fear most however much they persuade themselves and one another to the contrary — when they even bother to think of it at all. And it is this realm of fear and self-deception that will be our ultimate undoing.

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