Mar 162014

— Not only are they prosecuting emergency workers for claiming 9/11 related benefits, now they’re going after OBL’s son-in-law.

This is an article originally from the AP, but posted by American ABC news.

Here’s another MSM source, the Moonie Washington Times on the FBI’s ongoing human contact with OBL from 1993.

911 Blogger cites more evidence for prior knowledge, but still using MSM sources.

And, if you missed it a while ago, here is an interview with Sibel Edmonds that touches on the same topic in the series of interviews on Gladio B.

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  1. This “al Qaeda supergrass”, as they’re calling him (Saajid Badat), is singing like a canary. Now he says he gave a “shoe bomb” to some guys who wanted to hijack a Malaysian plane in a “9/11 style” attack. The same story is in today’s Dim Post, but this appears to be the source.