Jul 142014

More at http://investmentwatchblog.com/bombshell-rep-thomas-massie-demands-release-of-the-secret-shocking-28-pages-of-911-documents-says-the-full-picture-of-what-actually-happened-on-911%E2%80%B3-mu/
“It could be embarrassing but that is no reason to keep the TRUTH from the American people. WHY do you want to keep these 28 pages SECRET?”
– Rep. Thomas Massie

  One Response to “Rep Thomas Massie Demands Release of the SECRET, “SHOCKING” 28-Pages of 9/11 Documents — Says “The Full Picture of What ACTUALLY Happened on 9/11? Must Be Made Public”

  1. Intriguing… I hope we hear more about this and we know the 28 redacted pages hold a game changer.

    good post