Sep 042013

NYC’s committed supporters came ready on September 3rd to hand out brochures and educate the public immediately upon the heralded installation of the gigantic billboard overlooking Times Square. At least one million people will see this 54’ x 46’ billboard each day throughout the month of September, bringing unprecedented attention to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. We in the ReThink911 campaign would like to thank everyone who donated and worked so hard to bring this billboard to Times Square.

Please help us spread the impact of this powerful image far beyond Times Square by sharing the above photo in any or all of the following ways:

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Thank you for giving this critically important campaign your all. Together we can get the entire world talking about the third tower that fell on 9/11.

  One Response to “ReThink911 Billboard Towers Over Times Square”

  1. Awesome!!! What a beautiful sight 🙂 We will be displaying this billboard image at our forthcoming exhibitions in Rotorua this weekend Friday 6 September and next weekend in Wellington Saturday 14 September!