Dec 152012

FINALLY! Rudi Dekkers Behind Bars for Drug Trafficking

Daniel Hopsicker reports today : The long run of Rudi Dekkers, 56, the Dutch national who first passed out bunks to Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi when they arrived in the United States to enroll at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, ended last week when he was arrested for drug trafficking in Houston.

Arc back to 911, Dekkers the front man, Huffman a covert operation. Wally Hilliard. Jeb BUSH reported filling two Ryder trucks with files from Huffman and driving them direct onto a C-130 at Sarasota airport, flown to Washington ON 911. [p.31.Welcome to Terrorland:ATTA in Florida.D.Hopsicker] Dekkers future will make very interesting reading.

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