Jun 232012

Thursday, 21. June 2012
My friends and those of you who have read my book know a bit about my fondness for New Zealand. I have been there more than once and not in the distant past. I have referred to several exemplary characteristics of its government more than a few times in my articles and podcasts. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that the following news article was more than enough to fill me with disappointment and a great sense of loss:

Agreement with US sees NZ as ‘de facto’ Ally

A leading academic says New Zealand has become a “de facto ally” of the United States after signing a sweeping agreement on military cooperation in Washington early today. The Washington Declaration was signed by US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman at the Pentagon today.

Coleman said the declaration foreshadowed greater cooperation in key areas including maritime security, counter terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the region and promoted peace keeping and peace support initiatives.

You can read the entire news reporthere.

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