Mar 292014

From Joseph Cannon’s Cannonfire blog:

This is supposedly a Snowflake from Snowden, courtesy of his media frontman, Glenn Greenwald. OK, forget where it came from and just read the article. One aspect that caught my attention was about 2/3 down, the “Gambits for Deception” slide. On the upper right is a box with the text “Repetition reduces vigilance”. I think that this is the primary reason for the dripfeeding of Snowden’s Snowflakes, aside from the steady revenue and attention stream for GG, of course. The mind-numbing repetition of documents is meant to produce a feeling of “So what? There’s nothing we can do about it.”

This is more proof that what Sunstein supposedly theorized about has been put into practice long ago on a global basis.

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  2 Responses to “Sunstein’s paper on steriods: The GCHQ Powerpoint presentation”

  1. No reflection on the story but Joseph is an arsehole !
    He will not entertain a single comment about Controlled Demolition (CD). I had a falling out with him over 5 years ago …he is an artist with little imagination.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mick. I figured that Cannon was anti-Truth from his 5 commandments, including no discussion of “C-D” allowed re: 9/11. He also has links to some left gatekeeper sites like Democracy Now?. (I always use a question mark, not the exclamation point on that one.

    He has links to JFK Truth books, which seems out of character, but, hey, that coup d’etat was over 50 years ago now, so it’s safe to admit it.

    Also, this story comes from Greenwald, so it has to be OK to publish!

    So, Cannon is anti-9/11 Truth for some reason. When people who know as much as he does is anti-Truth, the reason is always the same.