Jun 072015

Saudis ‘financed 9/11 US attacks’


This stunning world news headline featured in the Taranaki Daily News Sat June 6th as a full page color image of the 911 insider attack underway in New York.

On page B1, WORLD section,  FAIRFAX/TIMES reported from the United States, that  ‘Republican Congressman Thomas Massie (Kentucky) – after reading the chapter of 28 redacted pages in the 911 investigation papers  said : “I had to stop every couple of pages…..to rearrange my understanding of history. It challenges you to rethink everything.”

Which about sums up what this asks of the reader .

why were these papers not buried 12 years ago ?  What does it mean, to ‘out’ your ALLIES in the ‘war-against-terror’,  as being the very financiers’ OF it ?

The attacks had until now been blamed squarely on the twice reincarnated ‘alQaeda’ Osama BinLaden, who,  born of the House-of-Saudi, and a known asset of the CIA, had been dead for 13 years.

A member of the original investigation into the attacks, Senator Bob Graham, Florida[retired,] is calling for a public release of the 28 redacted pages.

why  now  ?  the ‘Deepstate’ tells us it controls the media – so why NOW would it identify Saudi Arabia as the financiers of the 911 terror attack ?

What does that do for the truth of 911,.  If you are allies with the financiers of it.






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  1. Thanks for posting, Ro! As cussed and discussed, this story is a “limited hangout” that is trotted out when the US wants to put pressure on the Saudis for whatever reason. Even so, it’s better then no hangout at all, and may get people to start asking more questions.

    p.172 911 Commission Report.
    “To date, the US government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 911 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”
    Another outright Lie ? These still-unseen-by-FAIRFAX 28 pages had already been redacted when the 911 report came out. “the US government” obviously knew whatever the pages revealed when they redacted them. Maybe ‘the origin’ is the most important part of the sentence.