Jul 132012


13 July 2012

Here is the link to the interview I gave to Jim Fetzer explaining my research into the planning and storyboarding of the attacks of 9/11. The interview was on June 11, 2012 but I didn’t realise it was recorded.

Jim Fetzer is one of the most prominent researchers on the Kennedy assassination, The Welstone murder and 9/11 which he approaches with a rebellious and controversial abandon and with other equally controversial and intelligent 9/11 researchers such as Kevin Barret and Webster Tarpley to name a few.


Today we did another interview about the relation of the global financial manipulation, LIBOR, the BOE and the New York fed to the events of 9/11. It will be broadcasted tomorrow and I will link to it as soon as it is posted on Jim Fetzers blog the Real Deal