Jan 142012

From 911truth.org
January 11, 2012
by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 9/11 Truth Grassroots Organization

Most of the recent big, commonly noticeable and objectionable changes in our controllable circumstances in America — including many downright atrocities — have happened since September 11, 2001. And a goodly number of them have developed as a direct consequence. Although that day still seems, in many ways, very recent, it appears to have marked not only a beginning of our current and accumulating woes, but also the end of a long age of relative bliss, freedom, and a degree of personal opportunity that we haven’t experienced since.

My supposition, which I’ve voiced here before, is that 9/11 wasn’t just an “inside job”, but rather was done at the bequest of an international elite firmly in control of our (government + corporate) establishment, as well as those in other countries, the main trunk of the giant controlling octopus being international central banking.

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