Sep 042012

By Frank Morales

Global Research, September 03, 2012

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letters

I am writing to you to offer praise and thanks for your ongoing efforts to provide fact based support to the movement for 9/11 Truth. I understand that the search and agitation for truth, and the creation of forms and forums for attaining justice, has not been easy. Confronting the orchestrated manipulation, disinformation and obfuscation of the facts, you have nonetheless maintained a high level of inquiry. Accordingly, the movement for 9/11 Truth goes on, as it must. And like the rising sun, it shows no sign of letting up. And that is good news!

In broad terms, I believe that the current deterioration of the socio-economic conditions for the majority here in America will provide the context for greater and greater awareness of the truth of 9/11. Why? Because the crime of 9/11 helps to explain the current socio-economic crisis: the massive shifting of wealth away from the needs of the majority to the coffers of the war-makers, the oil-igarchy, munitions industries and the rich.

From another perspective: As one who has devoted considerable effort to the exposition of the increasing militarization of domestic law enforcement in America (with the consequent rise and consolidation of a police state), I have sought to emphasize the point that the crimes of 9/11 were and are an act of domestic terrorism on the part of the Pentagon Inc. Restated: 9/11 was, plain and simple, a US military operation, orchestrated by elements within the Pentagon and US intelligence sectors, with the cooperation and acquiescence of key policy makers, leading media figures in the know, utilizing foreign elements as so many patsies and cut-outs. The truth of 9/11 is part of a long history of US military domestic intervention and operations encompassing surveillance, “civil disturbance planning,” “executive action” and assassination, and now with 9/11 domestic state sponsored terrorism.

Consequently, I believe the message of 9/11 Truth needs be articulated in consonance with the message of anti-militarism. Sooner rather than later the peace movement will appreciate that the “perpetual” war-making rationalized and justified by 9/11 can be undone by the truth of 9/11! Further, that 9/11 gave birth to the modern police state in behest of the global domination project of the Pentagon Incorporated, a repression of our civil and human rights that has undone centuries of legal jurisprudence. In this regard, we need to stress that the attempt, for example, to introduce detention provisions of Americans within the recent National Defense Authorization Act legislation is being promoted by the very same sectors that brought the Towers down! I believe that this is a point that needs to be driven home.

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