Sep 152013

1-P1000343Our third, 911 See the Evidence Exhibition in Wellington this weekend (Saturday 14 September – Sunday 15 September) was one of the best yet! Hundreds of people came through the exhibition to see the evidence and learn the facts about 9/11. The exhibition was focused on Peter Woods’ visually compelling work from the graphic booklet – This year we were pleased to include the image of the Rethink 911 banner in Times Square New York City which we placed at the entrance to the photographic exhibit. 1-P1000346This was an eye catching and powerful statement as to where the growing international 911 truth movement is at twelve years on. A new poll conducted in September 2013 by polling firm YouGov found that now one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11. We were also delighted to display the updated ae911 truth banner announcing “Thousands” of architects and engineers who support a real investigation. At the end of the photographic exhibit was a final presentation – “Why Revisit 9/11?” summarising the draconian legislation now in place and drawing attention to the horrific legacy of the War of Terror and the many innocent lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq… The Video footage featuring the collapses of Building 7 and the twin towers and a compilation film of the ae911truth Experts Speak Out (the first four minutes summarising the new laws such as the NDAA) plus Solving the Mystery of Building 7 was viewed by many people attending this year, with some watching it more than once.

Chris Ashley’s incredible scale model of WTC 7 constructed from balsa wood was again displayed in the exhibition alongside a situational map of the building 7 in relation to the Twin Towers, and Jade Tuckwell’s impressive models of the Twin Towers, made for a dramatic scene next to the Building 7 scale model. There was also a literature display which included Kevin Ryan of the Journal of 9/11 Studies recently published book, “Another Nineteen,” which is an excellent account of the political and military command structure that spectacularly failed to act on the morning of 9/11. We also gave away hundreds of the latest documentary from ae911truth, Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out. The ae911truth flyer and a Recommended Reading List were also available for people to take away.

We enjoyed beautiful weather this year and had a steady crowd on the Saturday with many people returning again on the Sunday with friends and family. As word got out in Wellington, Sunday afternoon would have been the busiest period we had witnessed yet! It was wonderful to see a diverse range of people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds who viewed the exhibition.

A third of our vistiors were already aware of the 911 evidence and came to offer their support. Many other vistors were shocked at the revelations of information concerning Building 7 and their reactions were mixed. Some were confused and angry, but most were very thankful that we had revealed this information to them. It still amazes me how after all this time; there are so many people unaware of the third tower to collapse in free fall that tragic day.

We all had some very intense conversations with people this weekend. I spoke to a few people who were concerned by the current push for a “humanitarian war” in Syria and by the US and Western powers desire to fight alongside those Syrian rebels who were on the same side of Al-qaeda and were sympathetic to the alleged terrorists of the 911 attacks. Many people I spoke to appeared to be more open to the concept of false flag attacks.

I would like to thank the members of our action group in Wellington for all the hard work and generosity in donating to this exhibition, particularly Mike Woods who facilitated the planning and marketing of this exhibition. Also thanks to Martin in Auckland for his generous donation. Thanks to David Ruddlestone from Raumati who helped set up the exhibition on the Saturday morning. A special thanks to Barney and Nicola who visited from Otaki on Sunday and helped to distribute flyers on Oriental Parade.

We all worked incredibly hard this weekend and in the weeks leading up to the exhibition but we all felt this exhibition was one of the best yet! Some visitors asked if the exhibition was traveling around New Zealand and even the rest of the world! I hope those visiting and reading this report will help to make this a reality! If anyone in other areas would like to exhibit the work, please contact

  4 Responses to “Third 911 See The Evidence Wellington Exhibition – The Best Yet!”

  1. Wonderful! Congratulations to Helen, Phillip, Mike, for all their work in putting on such a tremendous show. I sense that the 911 Truth movement is inching its way into the mainstream.

    Martin Hanson

  2. We must recognize Helen’s amazing energy and commitment to this cause. She has been an inspiration and I am grateful to be part of this amazing team of talented individuals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I feel we are slowly getting there.

  3. Helen and team ,what a great job you folks do . You give of your time and energy for the good of the masses ,whether they realise it or not …thanks so so much.

    Mick McCrohon