Feb 232016

Jeb Bush was the Republican Party’s favorite presidential nominee but Donald Trump has conducted a controlled demolition of his candidacy over the Bush family’s role in the 9/11 atrocity, an American scholar and political analyst says.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, editor of We Are Not Charlie Hebdo and scholar of Arabic and Islamic studies, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Monday when was asked to comment on Donald Trump’s recent statement about Jeb Bush.

Interview With Dr Kevin Barrett here

  2 Responses to “‘Trump conducted controlled demolition of Bush candidacy’”

  1. I disagree with Kevin on this. The most you can say is that Trump was guilty of kicking a dead horse. Jeb! was a very lame candidate who seemed to have a large war chest, but no enthusiastic backers. Just google “please clap” to find many stories about the lameness not only of Jeb!, but of his campaign staff (!?) as well. Stephen Colbert’s farewell to Jeb! is one among many.

    Kevin says that the Bush 43 regime is and was deeply unpopular. If that is true, how did he win the 2004 election, three years after 9/11? His backers only had to rig the election in one, state, Ohio, to win that election.

    Just as many libertarians fell for Ron Paul in previous elections, citing among other qualities, his putative stealth support of the 9/11 Truth movement, many of these prior Paultards are now supporting Trump for his alleged possible support of 9/11 Truth. As with Ron Paul, this is a false and unsubstantiated hope.

    I think Kevin has spent too much time hanging out with Jim Fetzer and Gordon Duff lately.

  2. Thanks Phillip, I tend to agree. Trump doesn’t play all his cards with respect to 9/11 (surely his campaign managers know about Richard Gage and Building 7 etc etc)

    I just read an interesting observation from 911 activist Martin Hill who thinks Trump knows about 9/11 but would never openly say it, for fear of “getting the Robert Kennedy treatment”.


    Martin Hill confronted Trump on 12/12/15 in South Carolina, and on Dec 21 in Grand Rapids Michigan and shouted You Listen to me Trump and repeated that it was “five jews arrested on 9/11 in new jersey, not muslims, and that Israel was involved in 9.11”
    “Trump actually was very polite and said I was ‘committed’, had a lot of energy, was ‘a trump guy” and that I am “on his side.”

    Also as the secret service escorted him out, Trump stopped his speech again for an entire minute and said “be nice to him, don’t hurt him” no less than six times.

    [a full account and video is here http://libertyfight.com/2015/front_row_Trump_Israel_did_911_5_jews_arrested.html .]