Oct 252015

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22 October 2015


Michael Meacher, who died yesterday, was in many ways the intellectual powerhouse behind the insurrection that saw Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party this summer.

He was one of the few politicians to attend the Parliamentary debate on money creation, he gave a stirring speech at the protests when UK hosted the secretive Bilderberg Group, and he was the only mainstream politician to raise questions about the 911 attacks, with a 2003 article in the Guardian headed “This War on Terrorism is Bogus”.

His 911 stance led to an aggressive character assassination campaign by the US London Embasssy. Later, when he planned a showing of the 911 sceptic movie Loose Change in the House of Commons it was cancelled at the last moment while Michael said privately that he feared violent repercussions.

In recent weeks he was active again behind the scenes, supporting a 911 family member who is seeking a new inquest. At a private Commons meeting last autumn he seemed in excellent health. He said he did not feel anything like his age and might stand again for Parliament.

News reports have given no details of the cause of Michael’s unexpected death beyond a statement from Peter Dean, his constituency office manager, who said: “We are extremely sad and it has been quite a short illness he has had and we just don’t know the details at present”.

Ian Henshall an organiser of Reinvestigate 911 said: “I hope that, to put to rest any lingering doubts, his aides will take a close look and divulge full details of what happened.

“Even more importantly, I hope the Corbyn leadership recognises the urgent need to replace Michael with someone who understands the big issues and is sceptical of the veracity of news reports in the Western media.”

Ian Henshall
Reinvestigate 9/11 campaign
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  2 Responses to “UK Labour, MP Michael Meacher, Dies at 75”

  1. Was British MP Michael Meacher murdered to cover up 9/11?
    By Kevin Barrett on October 24, 2015
    Ex-Environment Minister and inspiration behind Corbyn had been pushing for a 9/11 official inquest

  2. The same thought occurred to me. One can’t exclude any possibility.
    Interesting that the Telegraph, Guardian and Independent extol his integrity in their obituaries, but make no mention of his stance on 911. They couldn’t could they? They can’t simultaneously portray him as a politician of integrity and at the same time as a man openly doubting the official explanation for 911, thus protecting their readers from any temptation to think for themselves. On the other hand, the Daily Mail, which caters for the mindless Right, could safely afford to call him a ‘conspiracy theorist’.