Mar 112012

by Keith Johnson

Here’s the latest:

A lone American serviceman slipped away from his base in southern Afghanistan before dawn Sunday and went on a methodical house-to-house shooting spree in a nearby village, killing 16 people, nearly all of them women and children, according to Afghan officials who visited the scene.

Why do they hate us? Why are they upset at us for burning their Holy book? Why would they be mad at us for pissing on their dead countrymen? Why are they making a big deal about our soldiers collecting dead body parts? Why? Why? Why? Read article here

  2 Responses to “US Soldier Kills 16 Villagers In Afghanistan – Children of an Evil Empire”

  1. I am sickened and saddened by this news and my thoughts and prayers turn to the victims of this atrocity, which I feel was perpetuated in the name of every citizen of the Western World. We in the comfortable West must continue to work to expose the big Lie this illegal war is based on, otherwise the bloodshed and war crimes will continue with our acquiescence. Thank you to Keith Johnson who has written such a courageous article about the realities of the aptly name War of (on) Terror.

  2. 911 is the catalyst to this atrocity and so many more .

    “Bullshit!” falls short on so many levels !