Nov 292012

Some 10,000 US troops will remain in Afghanistan after NATO combat operations end at the end of 2014, US media reports said Sunday. The plan is in line with recommendations from General John Allen, commander of ISAF forces in Afghanistan.
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The administration of President Barack Obama aims to keep around 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan after formal combat operations in that country end in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported late Sunday.

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  One Response to “US to leave 10,000 troops in Afghanistan past 2014”

  1. No doubt the drones will remain as well despite this so called “withdrawal of combat troops”. I have come across a petition created by the Afghan Peace Volunteers, a group of young people who have lost friends and family members in the war and who study and practice nonviolence in Kabul, to join their December 10 2012 day of peace and remembrance of the 2 million victims of war in Afghanistan over the last 40 years. Read about them at Voices of Creative Nonviolence’s website.

    Sign petition here