Aug 312013
Published time: August 28, 2013 20:18
By Pepe Escobar

Only a few days before the 12th anniversary of 9/11, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama might be fighting side by side with… al-Qaeda, as he was foolish enough to be trapped by his own rhetoric on Syria.

The dogs of war bark and the caravan… is Tomahawked. Amid out-of-control hysteria, the proverbial “unnamed US officials” spin like demented centrifuges.

Obama’s “kinetic operation” on Syria will fall out of the sky “in the next few days.” It will be “limited,”lasting only “three days,” or “no more than two days.” It will “send a message,” a “short, sharp attack” against less than 50 sites on a list of targets.

But then long-range bombers may “possibly” join the Tomahawk barrage, and all bets are off.

A proverbial, anonymous “senior administration official”even stressed the “desire to get it done before the president leaves for Russia next week.”

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  One Response to “War on chemical weapons’: Obama traps himself into Syrian combat”

  1. From Martin

    A couple of quotes to put U.S. ‘moral leadership’ in perspective:

    John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State to President Obama, on the use of nerve gas in Syria: “The attack killed at least 1,429 Syrians, including at least 426 children.”

    Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State to President Clinton, in response to the report that over half a million children had died in Iraq as a result of U.S. sanction: “We think the price was worth it”.