Oct 152020


  2 Responses to “WATCH: The Parallels Between 9/11 and Covid19”

  1. https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/01/bio-weapons-pentagon.html

    The Indicator of PSYOP is how trapped we are in profound silence of any questioning the corona-virus’ SOURCE.

    Other than the Official Theory: of a ‘natural leap’ via bat-soup in the Wuhan ‘wet-market’ (next to the Wuhan corona-virus Bio-lab- a joint Chinese/Fauci facility) – the OT allowing expression of a racist default cruelty narrative, with China ‘our’ natural enemy. (Forgetting how many hundred cattle just drowned on the way to China from Aotearoa..and don’t ask where your pork or chicken actually come from or how the slicing of throats of animals for hamburger relates to basic fascism),

    Just as no reasoned discussion of the evidence of 911 as a sophisticated Demolition was, or is, brooked by the MOCKINGBIRD tweeters and academia – unless to excoriate and slander it to death – so too it is with covid19 source.

    No disclosure of the purposes or method or type of viruses under experimentation pass editorial scrutiny; or proofs of the existence of labs actually producing the virus ‘cell-line’ now plaguing us. Of cell-lines being ‘enhanced’..exported, designed..no exploration of ‘gain-of-function’ and fabrication of viruses as weapons. No discussion of the investigative reports and whistleblower testimonies establishing MIC/deepstate bio-Labs or connections between FAUCI/GATES/WUHAN/WHO..or the collaborative efforts of big PHARMA to vaccination and bio surveillance Industries or general FDA/CDC corruptions etcetera

    …no mention in the public narrative at all except as chronic conspiracy theory.

    Charles LIEBER never existed. None of the science papers establishing or questioning virus manipulation AS bioweapon, exist. Judy Mikovits and Peter H. Duesburg are conspiracy theorists and the gnome FAUCI has never for a moment been suspected of malevolence. The presence of the very players in world pandemic exercises, popping their blue pills as uppers on utube/TV..going LIVE don’t mean a thaing (sic) – the revolving doors of un-elected ‘change agents’ influencing Government responses ..the doctoring of numbers and different agenda.. all well reviewed by independent media –
    do not exist in the Broadcasting space of AotearoaNZ

    unless via Billy TK.,

    and he walked right smack bang into it
    with an inflated CV .

    B O O M !

    Thus confirming Every single bias the public have of those ‘questioning the narrative.’

    So, Instead of those questions, we have the bat soup GHIA revenge model pushing the great reset which is basically the single bullet narrative, the lone nut narrative and the alQaeda WMD narrative patterned just the same,
    as psyop,
    (nothing to see there folks)


  2. So, Instead of those questions, we have the bat soup GHIA revenge model pushing the great reset which is basically :