Aug 222018

I thank these men and women for their work from the bottom of my heart.

I can remember walking the streets of Wellington in the days and months following the atrocity struggling to come to grips with the realization that those buildings exploded ! They did not ‘collapse’. ‘Collapse’ was sophistry! They Exploded! They exploded the world into a million pieces and a million dead.

Like a mirror, he said. You go through it. You get cut by the glass.

In the mirror of OBL, the hi-Jackers of our soul were the agnotological creatioNISTs of Shyam ‘Pinnochio’ Sunder’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Part of the cut – the awareness – was, that until the ENGINEERS and Architects woke from dire slumber and contested the physicality of destruction; until then, any opposition to the OCT was futile. Because this is an engineering question. At the heart of it, the physics of destruction is an engineering question. Damage field. Forensic evidence. Metadata. Due Diligence.

Free Fall says it all.


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