Jun 182016


  3 Responses to “Who is Protected? – Letter to the Editor – Dominion Post – 17 June 2016”

  1. Bravo Mike and thanks to the Dom Post Editor! In just 200 words you have joined all the dots and urge the reader to not succumb to the mental fear and tyranny this latest “attack” is trying to provoke in all of us, and instead think where is the evidence and why do these attacks continue to occur?http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/06/14/my-several-million-readers-are-unable-to-help-me-prove-the-official-story/

  2. Well done, Mike. I must say The Dom Post appears to have failed to consult their Washington masters in this one!
    As in the case of Sandy Hook, there are some very suspicious circumstances surrounding this case, in particular media interviews in which the ‘bereaved’ talk in a way not expected of a person in a state of shock. Moreover, one interview appears to have been conducted in a studio rather than outside, as the reflections on the glasses of the ‘mother’ of one of the victims would suggest.

  3. Well done again, Mike! One of the hallmarks of these events is the complete lack of ministerial responsibility. FBI “Director” Comey should either resign or be fired. Instead, the departments that “fail” (actually “succeed” in carrying out their agenda) only get more power and more money.