May 032014

Despite being personally invited to Richard Gage’s presentation in Auckland in 2009 and having correspondence with Auckland 911 truth activists and a face to face meeting (thanks to Martin and Glenis), Professor Charles Clifton, associate professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland, denies the existence of ae911truth supporters in New Zealand. Professor Clifton still clings to his theory regarding the collapse of the World Trade Centre where he essentially believes that the the plane destroyed a large chunk of the core immediately at impact which severely weakened the rest of the structure. See his study on the collapse of the twin towers here.

In the recent interview with Italian 911 debunkers, Professor Clifton when asked whether conspiracy theories are popular in New Zealand? responds:

No, they are not. Richard Gage came to New Zealand for a speaking tour. I couldn’t go to his presentation due to other commitments but he got very little publicity, little credit and not much following. As far as I am aware there is not a serious group of WTC conspiracy theorists in New Zealand.

We have responded with the following comment that has not been displayed at the Italian debunking website.

Did Richard Gage come to New Zealand and speak to hundreds of people in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland (as Charles Clifton admits) or did he not?

If Richard Gage actually came to New Zealand in 2009, who paid the thousands of dollars it would have taken to get him here, print 10,000 flyers, organise articles in local papers and the interviews on TVNZ and Radio NZ? Such was the interest in Mr Gage’s presentation that in November 2009 over 600 people attended the exhibition at the National Museum in Wellington with another 100 turned away due to lack of room. The Auckland presentation organised by Auckland activists at short notice after the Wellington presentation attracted 200. Mr Gage’s New Zealand tour was subsequently written about in articles in the Listener, Architecture Magazine, discussed on Radio New Zealand’s afternoon panel and talked about on science and political blogs.

Who runs and financially supports the NZ911Truth website and has distributed many thousands of DVDs and flyers regularly every month on the streets of Wellington since 2008? Who organizes the annual 911 exhibitions in Wellington and Rotorua which attract growing numbers every year?

Who paid for the recent Rethink911 posters displayed on the streets near the Radio New Zealand and Dominion Post newspaper offices in central Wellington? Who invited Mr Clifton to the Auckland presentation and has corresponded with him since? In addition to a good number of activists throughout New Zealand there are also hundreds of New Zealanders who have signed ae911truth’s petition calling for a new, genuine 911 investigation.

We have given up long ago on trying to disabuse Charles Clifton of his Magical Thinking on 911. However, we must refute his false assertion – a statement he knows to be false – where he denies that New Zealanders who support the work of ae911truth actually exist. He has had enough contact with us and has sufficient knowledge of our activities to know that he is making a false statement.

  One Response to “Why the World Trade Center collapsed: an interview with Charles Clifton, professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland”

  1. In view of the pervasive success of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA programme to recruit people in the media and other public figures to become CIA assets, I’m not surprised by Charles Clifton’s refusal to engage in rational debate. It’s just another example of the extent to which news is filtered and ‘managed’ to ensure that the people remain ignorant. In the USA the success of this brainwashing has been almost total, as this Amazon ‘review’ of the DVD “September 11- The New Pearl Harbor” illustrates:

    1.0 out of 5 stars This documentary is bad, 9/11 commission report explains it all, October 24, 2013
    By X. Gao “autofilter” (texas) -I saw the documentary online on youtube and it disgusted me. People always doubt everything. How could people doubt that terrorists hijacked the planes and did such horrible deeds? How could you be so disrespectful to the 3000 people that lost their lives on 9/11? You 9/11 truthers are disgusting. Okay, okay, I can’t pretend anymore, I just wanted to write a bad review because I don’t want to be on their list. America is the best, it goes into other countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan to liberate them from evil dictators and rogue armies. America is the best, I love America more than the Roman Empire. USA! USA! USA! I was certainly happy when they finally killed Usama Bin Ladin to avenge all the people that died on 9/11. People really should think again about CIA and NSA, they help to protect us from other nations’ spy agencies such as Russia and China! Everyone is spying on everyone! How could you survive if you don’t play the game? And in order to play the game, you have to play it aggressively. Remember kids, the players(humanity since ancient times)come and go, but the game(world domination, empire building, etc)stays the same. Let’s not be naive.

    Martin Hanson