Nov 102011

Will There Be More 9/11s?

by Lawrence Davidson on November 10, 2011

when it comes to the Middle East, the United States has long been steeped in a thought collective that distorts the vision of both the common folk and the elites alike. The 9/11 attacks raised this national mind set to the point of near hysteria. In the immediate aftermath of that disaster anyone who suggested that U.S. foreign policy might have helped motivate the terrorists (an obvious fact for anyone who had read the speeches of Osama bin Laden) was likely to be labeled unpatriotic, maybe even a traitor, lose their job, maybe even their friends, and refused admittance into the arena of national mourning. When in early October 2001 Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal gave the city of New York a check for $10 million to help with recovery efforts, Mayor Giuliani rejected the offer out of hand. It seems the Prince had suggested that now was a good time for the U.S. to rethink its Middle East foreign policy.

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  2 Responses to “Will There Be More 9/11s?”

  1. Of course there will be another 911 type event .The perpetrators of the original 911 are still on the loose and still reaping the rewards of their conspiracy .
    That alone is cause enough for a world class forensic investigation of the events of September 11th. 2001 .

  2. I doubt that some irate Arabs could pull off some kind of attack. The only “terrorist” attacks in today’s world are really crappy ones carried out by crack-snorting losers who get themselves ensnared in FBI entrapment operations because they’re so thick.

    If there is a second 9/11, it will come in the form of a nuclear blast. The extremists in the Israeli government are at this moment working with the globalists to find a way to bomb Iran and justify it. How does this sound: a black ops squad is sent to New York with a suitcase nuke. The bomb is detonated within 200m of Ground Zero, and the attack is blamed on a previously unheard of Al Qaeda cell………….. which has links to Iran! Documents could be forged to back up these claims, and the emotions of the people will make them want war with Iran.

    Because of the plan’s scale, everybody would believe it. There’s no way people would think the United States government would do something so horrible and lie like that!