Jul 172012

Send an email to the UK Parliament Media Committee Dear Friends of AE911Truth,

You can help motivate the members of the UK Parliament’s Media Committee to hold the BBC accountable for its biased coverage of the real 9/11 evidence

More than 250 of our newsletter subscribers wrote to the BBC Trust and UK Parliament Member Tom Watson in response to the article “Hold the BBC Accountable” in our June 5 Blueprint newsletter and a follow-up Action Alert. Thank you for your dedication, commitment and support! You took on this crucial challenge and went above and beyond the call of duty. If you didn’t write a letter in support of this BBC campaign, you can join us by participating in the second part of this effort.

As you may remember, three of our AE911Truth petition signers in the UK have filed separate and formal complaints with the British Broadcasting Corporation over two documentaries it aired last year around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The BBC has breached its Royal Charter and its Agreement and Editorial Guidelines, which include Editorial Values that promise truth, accuracy, impartiality, editorial integrity and independence, fairness, transparency and accountability in all the BBC’s programs.

In our first Action Alert on this subject, we said, “The BBC Trust will make a decision any day now on whether to have a meeting with three AE911Truth petition signers who have filed a complaint over the BBC’s biased coverage of 9/11.”

Apparently, the Editorial Standards Committee (ESC), part of the BBC Executive Branch, is the gatekeeper in this process. They can decide whether the BBC Trust would be interested in an appeal and, if they think not, they can choose not to forward the appeal to the BBC Trust. This is what happened with all three of our petition signers’ complaints. The same thing may have happened to your letters to the ESC. The Editorial Standards Committee met again on July 5 and will publish their minutes in August. The BBC Executive Branch has delayed and denied this complaint process all along. They remain utterly uninterested and have resorted to very questionable interpretations and applications of the Editorial Guidelines and guidance to justify their denial of the complaints.

Our petition signers in the UK who are running this campaign have decided to ask for a meeting with the 11 MPs (Members of Parliament) on UK’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which has oversight authority over the BBC and to ask the Committee to conduct its own inquiry into the biased coverage of 9/11 by the BBC. The MPs on this Media Committee are the ones who can really hold the BBC accountable to its Royal Charter and Agreement and Editorial Guidelines. We are asking you to write a letter to the MPs in support of this request with a cc to the individual BBC Trustees. You can do all of this through our website.

Please see the updated “Hold the BBC Accountable” page for the letter to the MPs.

We believe this is a unique and unprecedented opportunity to convince the BBC to adhere to the Royal Charter, Agreement, Editorial Guidelines and Editorial Values that the BBC is obligated to uphold and to hold it accountable for the blatant bias and withholding of evidence in their reporting and coverage on 9/11. No American TV network operates under such guidelines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to BBC Action[at]ae911truth.net (replacing [at] with the “@” symbol).

Thank you for speaking up!



  One Response to “AE911truth – The BBC Campaign Shifts into Second Gear”

  1. From Roger Morris

    With regard BBC Editorial Guidelines, the 911 atrocity : Messrs. Warburton, Mallett and Drew.

    To the Board
    And Trustees.


    With respect.

    CLEAR and compelling Scientific Forensic Evidence, corroborated by Eyewitness testimony properly gained, can now be presented COUNTERING the Official Narrative of WTC building behavior observed on 11th September, 2001.

    Academic and forensic examination by Experts in various fields into the mechanics of building behaviour, controlled demolition, Steel under Fire, and Fire induced sequential building collapse, has been on-going since the atrocity in 2001.

    Resting on precedent and cross-examinable fact, their findings show 1. the 2.25 second FREE FALL phase of WTC7, a complex 81 vertically columned 47 storied steel framed high rise dropping suddenly straight down into its own plan area at 5.20pm, 9 11;
    and 2. the DUST analysis identifying both Unignited Thermitic Material chips http://www.benthamscience.com/open/tocpj/articles/V002/7TOCPJ.htm and ‘unusual’ quantities of iron-rich spheroids, the known result of Thermitic Material Ignition;
    are Evidence of 1. advanced/military grade explosive/incendiary material on site, and 2. the physical placing of them in observable building destruct sequences.

    For BBC to ignore the vitality and verifiability of this evidence, offered by bona-fide experts in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Construction, showing the 911 building behaviour to be Controlled Demolition,
    is to beg question every part of the BBC Editorial Guidelines, showing each – truth, accuracy, impartiality, editorial integrity, independence, fairness, transparency and accountability – to be negatively served.

    The BBC has a responsibility according to Royal Charter, requiring provision to the public of information in a fair, accurate, impartial, and independent manner.

    It is contested Editorial direction and Trustee oversight in the matter of 911 coverage allows none of these.

    I respectfully request:

    #1) That Mr. Warburton, Mr. Mallett and Mr. Drew be allowed to meet with the Committee to present their arguments and evidence and answer your questions as per the petition; and

    #2) That the Committee hold its own inquiry into the bias, inaccuracy and withholding of significant scientific information in the BBC’s reporting on the 9/11 attacks.

    #3) That there be fair CONTEST of the FACTS with neither fear nor favour, as per the Royal Charter.

    Will you please acknowledge you received this letter.

    Thank you.

    Roger Edward MORRIS

    oeo Taranaki Aotearoa New Zealand

    [email protected]