Dec 282012

Paul Craig Roberts
December 28, 2012

In the Western world truth no longer has any meaning. In its place stands agenda.

Agenda is all important, because it is the way Washington achieves hegemony over the world and the American people. 9/11 was the “new Pearl Harbor” that the neoconservatives declared to be necessary for their planned wars against Muslim countries. For the neoconservatives to go forward with their agenda, it was necessary for Americans to be connected to the agenda.

President George W. Bush’s first Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neil, said that prior to 9/11 the first cabinet meeting was about the need to invade Iraq.

9/11 was initially blamed on Afghanistan, and the blame was later shifted to Iraq. Washington’s mobilization against Afghanistan was in place prior to 9/11. The George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) occurred on October 7, 2001, less than a month after 9/11. Every military person knows that it is not possible to have mobilization for invading a country half way around the world ready in three weeks.

The Orwellian “PATRIOT Act” is another example of planning prior to the event. This vast police state measure could not possibly have been written in the short time between 9/11 and its introduction in Congress. The bill was already written, sitting on the shelf waiting its opportunity. Why? Who wrote it? Why has there been no media investigation of the advanced preparation of this police state legislation?

Evidence that responses to an event were planned prior to what the government said was a surprise event does suggest that the event was engineered to drive an agenda that was already on the books.

Many on the left-wing are immune to evidence that is contrary to the official 9/11 story, because for them 9/11 is refreshing blow-back from the oppressed. That the oppressed struck back is more important to the left-wing than the facts.
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  2 Responses to “Agenda Prevails Over Truth”

  1. Makes me proud to be a “truther” when I read articles like this.
    Many liberal (whatever that means) web sites jump on anyone daring to question events related to 911 ,calling those who do question things “trolls” ,”conspiracy theorist” ,”holocaust deniers” ,moon landing deniers” ,etc.,etc.. Never actually answering any questions raised .It is so obvious that “laws” were broken on 911 ,be they laws of the land or even laws of physics but some people seem to require no accountability for laws broken in the case of the former or suspended in the case of the later.

    To this day it still amazes me that the majority can not seem to connect the event of September the 11th.2001 to the Orwellian world that has devolved since.
    Hope springs eternal.

  2. Here is a link for anyone interested in the “Bin Laden take down myth”.