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Aaron Dykes
November 21, 2010

During a segment on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch,” Geraldo Rivera qualified his remarks about WTC Building 7 and his fair treatment of the “Building What?” campaign on his TV program. Geraldo first reiterated his “loathing” for conspiracy theorists as a proviso before stating that:

“I think that it is highly unlikely that our government would do anything nefarious on a scale of this epic nature. However, the building does come down in a way that is reminiscent of a controlled demolition.” According to Geraldo, the heartfelt victims’ family members and the 1300+ Architects & Engineers are the only reason he paid any attention to the issue.

Geraldo expands upon his comments on Judge Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch”


Napolitano, after replaying Geraldo’s quote from the “Building What” segment, asked, “Could the most obnoxious protesters in recent years be right if explosives were there, and the government didn’t cause, didn’t know about it, but won’t tell us about it.”

Geraldo responded: “Could is a very, very big word, but if indeed explosives were involved, then yes, those loathsome ’9/11 was an inside job’ protesters maybe have some reason to have adherence of people more mainstream, more responsible that than.”

Geraldo Rivera changes mind on AE911Truth and BuildingWhat

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