Jan 122011

Here are some interviews that feature Kiwi activists associated with nz911truth.org. (Note: these files will not currently stream, you just have to download them. Apologies for the poor audio on most of the Redbird interviews.)

Vinny Eastwood and Will Ryan co-host the Vinny Eastwood Show on American Freedom Radio and Rush FM in Hamilton.

* Kiwi Collaborator Phillip Rose on the Vinny Eastwood Show The discussion centres on how to maximise our effectiveness as activists.
* Vinny Eastwood and Will Ryan interview Roger Morris in the second hour of this show. Expected topics: Roger’s art and WTC7.

Interviews with Redbird on RadioActive Wellington

In the week leading up to September 11, 2010, Redbird of RadioActive and Roger Morris collaborated in presenting six local 9/11 activists on a wide range of topics. (Notes about each interview to be posted later.)

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