Mar 132012

  3 Responses to “No witnesses to this huge explosion 9/11 – WTC7 Location update”

  1. The whole enchilada of 911, is no longer having enough evidence to disprove the Governments version of the “911 Conspiracy Theory ” but getting some mechanism to get it acted on !

  2. Graeme MacQueen, Founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario) reads testimony from New York Fire Dept. firefighters:
    Angel Rivera: “When we hit the 19th floor, something horrendous happened. It was like a bomb went off. We thought we were dead. The whole building shook.”

    NYFD Asst. Commissioner Stephen Gregory: I thought that I saw…low level flashes…I saw flash-flash-flash, and then it looked like the building came down. You know like when they blow up a building, when it falls down? That’s what I thought I saw.”
    Firefighter Daniel Rivera: “At first I thought it was… Do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear, ‘pop-pop-pop-pop-pop’? That’s exactly what, because I thought it was that, when I heard that frigging noise, that’s when I saw the building coming down.”
    NYFD Captain Karin Deshore: “Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash. Then this flash kept popping, all the way around the building, and that building had started to explode.”

    The New York City Fire Department, under the direction of Fire Commissioner Tom Von Essen, collected the testimony of 503 first-responder EMTs, Port Authority police, and firefighters. It came to 12,000 pages. The 9/11 Commission, run by White House appointee and insider, Philip Zelikow, rejected the testimony, just ignored it, not germane to the foregone conclusion. Also, somewhat explosive.
    MacQueen’s statement was drafted for the Vancouver 9/11 Conference, June 22-24, 2007. Snowshoe Documentary films (part 2 of 3)!